Protector Symposium 1.0

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Ed Calderon

Counter Custody (Anti-Kidnapping). Ed teaches how to avoid being targeted by predators, how to move around and travel in today’s world safely and how to escape if a forcible apprehension is attempted on you or your loved ones.


Yousef Badou [3.0hrs]
Behavioral Analysis and Pre-threat indicators. Yousef will teach how to recognize signs and symptoms in groups and individuals that can signify imminent danger.


Mike Pannone [3.0hrs]
Covert Carry Dynamics. Mike has operated in a covert carry format in multiple combat theaters around the world. He trains on techniques, tactics and principles that make us smarter, more effective and more intelligent covert carry operators.


Byron Rodgers [1.25hrs]
Byron hosts an open panel Q&A session with Yousef Badou, Ed Calderon, and Mike Pannone. An in depth discussion around all things protection related.