Protector Symposium 4.0

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Craig Douglas 

Learn how to defend yourself inside of and around your motor vehicle. This is a superpower that many humans truly don’t understand and can save your life especially if you’re not as physically strong. This skill also does not require ridiculous amount of time in the dojo, once you understand it you will be on another level.

Mike Pannone [1.5hrs]
Gun fighting in vehicle centric environments: 80% of violent altercations and attacks happen in transitional spaces. Transitional spaces like parking lots, gas stations and the streets in general are usually places that have lots of vehicles present

Jared Wihongi [2.0hrs]
Learn how to deal with threats 10 feet and closer. Jared's force integration tactics presentation will help you understand how to weather the ambush and survive attacks from enemies that are already up close and personal.

Tony Sentmanat [1.5hrs]
This topic is coming soon....

Steve Summerville 
Use of force, and how to win the fight after the fight. As professional protectors and as civilians we may find ourselves in situations that require violence. After the dust settles and the news articles are written, how do we make sure that the violence we may have survived doesn’t consume the rest of our life and separate us from our loved ones? You will learn how to prepare yourself, your teams, and your families to deal with legal considerations and rules of engagement with regards to violence so you don’t end up being a victim of it even if you are successful in defending and protecting your loved ones and clients.

Byron Rodgers 
The "Protector DNA" An introduction to the protector nation, protector Symposium and a conversation about who we are and why we do what we do. This talk will help you understand and make sense of the tool of violence and it’s a righteous implications. It will also help you understand the mission of me protector nation and how yourself and your family can benefit from joining the pride.